A Chronology of the Holocene Period

by Stephen E. Franklin



Table of Contents



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Introduction  The Patriarchs and the Pharaohs


Part I: Alignment of Hebrew, Egyptian, and Assyrian King-lists

Chapter One  Solomon and Shoshenq

Chapter Two  Joseph and Thutmosis IV

Chapter Three  Children of Merneptah―Moses, Miriam, and Seti II

The House of Merneptah
Osarsiph Seizes the Throne
An Earlier Revolt of the Stonecutters
Final Exodus
The Trojan Front
The Return of Seti
Pseudo-Manetho and the Confusion of the Timeline

Chapter Four  Judges of the Pharaoh

Dating the Judges
The Assyrians Attack
The Song of Deborah
Ruth among the Judges
Samson among the Philistines

Chapter Five  Abraham and the Kingdom of Ugarit

The Location of Ur
Abraham in Syria
Abraham in Egypt
The Battle with Chedorlaomer
Return to Syria
The Religion of Ugarit
Isaac in Egypt

Chapter Six  Ham, Shem, and the First Dynasty of Babylon

Chapter Seven  Jewish Kingdoms―Israel and the House of David

The Throne of David
Solomon and Shulmanu
Who Was the Queen of Sheba?
The City of Solomon
The Arrival of Kingship in Israel
Is There Balm in Gilead?—Romulus and the Lost Tribes of Israel

Chapter Eight  Adam and Atlas―Eden and the Fall of Atlantis

Eden and Atlantis
Location of the Garden
Descendants of the Atlantes
The Rulers of Atlantis from Manetho and Turin
3072 BC—The True Kali Yuga
The Battle of Kurukshetra
Desmond Leslie and Prehistoric Technology

Chapter Nine  Seth and Typhon―The Catastrophic Cosmos

Identifying the Agent of Destruction
In the Beginning
The Tree of Life
The Phoenician Cosmos
The Stairway to Heaven
The Event at Tunguska

Chapter Ten  Noah and Menes―The Ark at Thebes

Genesis of the Sahara
The Antediluvian World
The Deluge
The Global Presence of the Flood Story

Chapter Eleven  Sargon, Naram-Sin, and the Egyptian Seventh Dynasty

The Table of Nations
Decoding Manetho
Decoding the Sumerian Chronicles
Nitocris and Sargon
The Timeline in India
Hercules and the Early Rulers of India
Sargon in China
When Did Sargon Conquer India?
Confusion of Sargon with Takshac
Dating the Shang—Typhon over China
The Weapon of Ishtar

Chapter Twelve  Tangled Bloodlines

208 BC―The Mystery of Mithras
102 BC―Yeshu the Nazir
333 BC―Alexander on the Way to Jerusalem
AD 5―The Hidden Messiah
The Son of Isis
Yeshu among the Phoenicians
Er—The Resurrection of an Armenian King

Chapter Thirteen  The Hyksos and the Hebrews―The Second Intermediate Period

Dynasties in Chaos
Who Were the Hyksos?
Two More Clues
The Holy Grail of Biblical Chronology
The Papyrus Ipuwer
The 400-Year Stela
The Trials of Job

Chapter Fourteen  The Phaistos Disc and the Early Kings of Crete

The Problem of Minos
The Phaistos Disc and the Egyptian Presence on Crete
The Early Kings of Crete
The 2nd Dynasty
Kerit of Habura and the First Wa Dynasty
The Double Spiral and the Sequence of the Text
The Last of the Qores
The Return of the Wa Kings
The Arrival of Sargon
An Early King-list from Crete
61 Days—The Phaistos Royal Calendar


Part II: After the Sack of Rome

Chapter Fifteen  AD 429—The Rise of the Pendragons

Chapter Sixteen  Twilight—AD 536

The Feathered Serpent

Chapter Seventeen  AD 854—Pope Joan

Chapter Eighteen  1066—The Norman Conquest and the Orbit of Halley's Comet

The Appropriation of Comet Typhon by the Successors of Halley
Conquest in the Afterglow of the Comet

Chapter Nineteen  1487—Leonardo in the East

Sub Rosa
Da Vinci's Last Supper
Origin of the Chi-Rho—Constantine on the Danube
The High Priestess—The Tarot, Maifreda, and the Visconti-Sforza Family
The Tarot Bloodline
From Jonan to Guglielma—Incarnations of Ishtar?

Chapter Twenty  1593—Marlowe, Samuel Daniel, and Wilton House (partial)

The Comet of 1593
Enter the Freemasons
Mary Sidney, Samuel Daniel, and the Wilton Circle
The Author in Italy
The Author in Time
The Spear Shaker
Shakespeare and Shakspere, Conspiracy or Coincidence?


Part III: The Golden Age

Chapter Twenty-One  4375 BC—Orion in India

Dating the Rigveda
Indra and Vritra
The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx—Orion in Egypt

Chapter Twenty-Two  6369 BC—Gemini in Bosnia

The Teomim
The Aditi Era

Chapter Twenty-Three  7450 BC—The Erdalen Event and the Fertile Sahara (future)





Appendix A: Alignment of the Sothis of Pseudo-Manetho with Josephus

Appendix B: Alignment of Diodorus with Eratosthenes, Herodotus, and Manetho

Appendix C: Origins of the Tarot Deck

Appendix D: The Indus Valley Kings, from Surya until Takshac

Appendix E: Comparison of "Shakespeare's" Sonnets (1–18) with Daniel's Delia (33–40)

Appendix G: The Ancient Even-Week Year



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