A Chronology of the Holocene Period

by Stephen E. Franklin



Illustrations & Tables


Part I: Alignment of Hebrew, Egyptian, and Assyrian King-lists

Chapter One  Solomon and Shoshenq

Chronological Alignment of Solomon and Shoshenq

Chapter Two  Joseph and Thutmosis IV

Chronological Alignment of Joseph and His Relations with the Kings of the 18th Dynasty
Tentative Genealogy of the House of Abraham
Evolution of the Name of Nefertiti
Comparison of Manetho's 18th Dynasty with Modern Values
The Source of the Misalignment of Manetho's 18th Dynasty

Chapter Three  Children of Merneptah―Moses, Miriam, and Seti II

Chronological Alignment of Moses and his Relations with the Kings of the 19th Dynasty
The 19th Dynasty
Manetho's Dynasty XIX Represented Using Roman Numerals
Comparison of the Sothis of Pseudo-Manetho with the King-list of Josephus, from the Hyksos until the 19th Dynasty

Chapter Four  Judges of the Pharaoh

The Period of the Judges from Joshua until the Ascension of Solomon
Twelve Generations From Joseph to Joshua
Tentative Genealogy of the House of Joseph
The 20th and 21st Dynasties

Chapter Five  Abraham and the Kingdom of Ugarit

Chronology of the Patriarchs from the Birth of Nahor until the Death of Jacob
Preliminary Alignment of the Kings of Ugarit with the Hebrew Patriarchs

Chapter Six  Ham, Shem, and the First Dynasty of Babylon

Chronology of the Patriarchs from the Beginning of the 1st Dynasty of Babylon until the Birth of Abraham
Decryption and Correction of the Ages and Lifespans of the Patriarchs
Comparison of Early Assyrian and Biblical King-lists

Chapter Seven  Jewish Kingdoms―Israel and the House of David

Chronology of the Late Period Kings of Judah, Israel, and Tyre
"The Kurkh Monolith gives the following list of troops"
Genealogy of the Early House of David
Interlocking Rule
in Latium and the Levant during the 8th Century BC

Chapter Eight  Adam and Atlas―Eden and the Fall of Atlantis

Seasons of the Egyptian Year
Global Cyclical Cataclysms and Their Associated Avatars
Comparison of Antediluvian King-Lists
Garden of Atlas, ca 3200 BC (including some modern details)
Comparison of Indian Eras with the Actual Catastrophic Cycle

Chapter Nine  Seth and TyphonThe Catastrophic Cosmos

The Pythagorean Tetraktys and the Tree of Life
Letters of the Phoenician Alphabet and Their Equivalent Asterisms
Letters of the Phoenician Alphabet and Their Constituent Stars
Comparison of the Phoenician, Hebrew, Greek, and Latin Alphabets
Direct Comparison of Alphabetical Asterisms with Three Major Lunar Zodiacs
Tarot Board, School of Pythagoras, Circa 510 BC (modernized representation)
Location of the Name IAHUEH on the Tarot Tower

Chapter Ten  Noah and Menes―The Ark at Thebes

"Eliminating some of the noise from the table of antediluvian kings"
The Antediluvian World from Horus to Menes
Bonnaud's Table of Thebes and the Ark
Descendants of Noah (Menes) to the End of the First Dynasty of Egypt (After Manetho but Adjusted for a Six-month Unit of Time)

Chapter Eleven  Sargon, Naram-Sin, and the Egyptian Seventh Dynasty

"The full list of groups totaling 72 extracted from the Anacalypsis of Godfrey Higgins"
The Egyptian Seventh & Eighth Dynasties and the Akkadian Empire
Table of 70 "Nations" from Genesis
28 Provinces of the Akkadian Empire
Map of the Akkadian Empire Based on the Table of Nations
Manetho's Predynastic and First Seventeen Dynasties Adjusted for Temporal Inflation and Aligned with the Invasion of Sargon
Manetho's Early Dynasty I Represented Using Roman Numerals
Sothic Years One
Comparison of the Chronography of Eratosthenes with the King-list of Manetho
The Sumerian Kings of the Interdiluvian Period
The Chronicle of the Single Monarchy from the 1st Dynasty of Kish through the Dynasty of Akkad—Adjusted and Aligned
List of the Solar Kings of India from Menes until Sargon
List of the Lunar Kings of India from Noah until Sargon
Tentative Genealogy of the House of Santana
The Xia Kings Including Sargon and Manishtusu
Alignment of the Solar Kings with the Kings of Magadha Based on the Misidentification of Takshac with Sargon
The Historical Jain Tirthankaras
The Kings of Shang or Yin
The Weapon of Ishtar

Chapter Twelve  Tangled Bloodlines

Timeline of Events Related to Mithras, Yeshu the Nazir, and John the Baptist
Ancestors of Jesus According to Matthew and Luke
Various Elements of the Story of Jesus in Those of Other Avatars
Yeshu before the Flood
Comparison of the Antediluvian King-Lists in Luke and Matthew and That of the Assyrians

Chapter Thirteen  The Hyksos and the Hebrews―The Second Intermediate Period

Dynasties 13 through 17 from Manetho—Who They Were
Dynasties 12 through 18 from Africanus—The Source of the Misalignment

16th Dynasty—Hebrew Governors of Canaan

Chapter Fourteen  The Phaistos Disc and the Early Kings of Crete

A Brief Timeline of Crete
Syllabic Progenitors of Phoenician Letters in the Phaistos Disc
Alternate Glyphs from the Same Asterisms
Glyphs from Other Words
Phaistos Syllabic Grid
The 1st Dynasty of Crete
Tentative Genealogy of the Early Rulers of Crete
The 2nd Dynasty of Crete

The Levantine Rulers of Crete
Relative Positions of the "Wa Kings" within the King-Lists of India, Egypt, and Crete Expressed as Ratios
The Double Spiral and the Sequence of the Text
The Post-Qore Period
The Second Wa Dynasty
The Akkadian Incursion
Equivalent Terms
The Rulers of Crete from Zeus until Djedkare Shema
Full Expansion of the Early Double-Month Calendar Suggested by the Phaistos Disc


Part II: After the Sack of Rome

Chapter Fifteen  AD 429—The Rise of the Pendragons

Timeline of Alberic
Timeline of Alberic Aligned with the Comet of 429
Chronology of Early Post-Roman Britain
Corrected Timeline of Alberic
Realms of Arthur at their Greatest Extent
The Kings of Britain according to Geoffrey

Chapter Sixteen  Twilight—AD 536

Chapter Seventeen  AD 854—Pope Joan

Pope Joan in the 9th Century

Chapter Eighteen  1066—The Norman Conquest and the Orbit of Halley's Comet

Appearances of Halley's Comet according to Various Authorities, Aligned with the Appearances of Typhon/Seth
Chronology of the Norman Conquest of England

Chapter Nineteen  1487—Leonardo in the East

Da Vinci's Last Supper
The chi-rho was a later interpretation of an earlier symbol"
Timeline of the Guglielmites
Partial Genealogy of the Pirovano-Visconti-Sforza Family of Milan
Partial List of the Incarnations of Ishtar

Chapter Twenty  1593—Marlowe, Samuel Daniel, and Wilton House (partial)

A Short Timeline of Events Related to the Shakespeare Authorship Question
Partial Genealogy of the Cecils, de Veres, Sidneys, and Herberts
Composite Image of "Shakespeare" from the Droeshout Engraving and Samuel Daniel from the 1609 Edition of  The Civil Wars
Persons Associated with Mary Sidney and Wilton House
Map of Wilton House and Environs
Geographical Settings of the Contemporary and Medieval Italian Plays
Map of Northern Italy ca 1591
Historical Dates of the Events Described in Some of the Plays
Chronology of the Life and Credited Works of Samuel Daniel Aligned with the Works of "Shakespeare"


Part III: The Golden Age

Chapter Twenty-One  4375 BC—Orion in India

Tilak's Representation of the Antelope in Orion (rotated 90°)
Dating the Precession based on De Santillana and Burgess

Chapter Twenty-Two  6369 BC—Gemini in Bosnia

Orientation of Bosnian Pyramidal Concrete Structures, Facing Due South
The Great Triangle in Gemini, Appearing Due South at Midnight on the Vernal Equinox Sometime after 6500 BC
Comparison of Various Adamic Eras


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